London First Aid

client reviews

While we can tell you about the content of the courses, our clients seem to express it better than we can.

"The information was very well presented and clear & concise. As osteopaths we found it thoroughly helpful especially with its relevance to sports injuries. The first aid offered to us on our osteopathic journals is usually the basic appointed persons first aid. We would thoroughly recommend this course to all other osteopaths particularly if they are interested in sports injuries and pitchside assistance. This course is essential."
Narendra and Vikesh Arjan, Pegasus Clinics - sports first aid course

"I would highly recommend Peta and her team in providing very high quality first aid training in London."
Tim Allardyce, Croydon and Surrey Physio - sports first aid course

The film crew completed the emergency first aid course prior to going to India to film Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape. We included an additional session covering the potential water and outdoor issues they may face.
emergency first aid course with additional outdoor session

We delivered the Standard First Aid at Work course for Discovery in Chiswick. They asked us to join them on a safety awareness day where we did first aid demonstrations on staff who had been evacuated in a chair lift.

"Thoroughly enjoyable course, much better than the last course I did. Much appreciated."
TessaM, Discovery Channel - Standard First Aid at Work.

"I thought the course was really useful. There was a good combination of theory and practical scenarios which was great. To have a first aid course specifically designed for sports and cycling is going to help me feel more confident doing my job as a cycling instructor, rather than a generic first aid course which wouldn't apply the necessary skills I would need. When looking for a first aid course specifically for sports and cycling - this one was the only one I could find and I would highly recommend it. It was great!"
Mandy Norman, cycling instructor - sports first aid course