Peta McSharry

HSE approved trainer and director

As an avid cyclist with one of London's largest cycling clubs, accidents are bound to happen. And they did. Coping with my first accident was very stressful and I struggled to remember what I'd learnt in class. Shortly after this I renewed my first aid certificate with ITC.

The stress I felt when attending the accident was emulated throughout the practical sessions on the course and I was able to redo each incident until I felt comfortable. When I had to attend another accident, I used their system and coped much better.


I teach sports massage and was asked to teach functional anatomy, a subject I had not previously taught. Having sat through a number of classes where the tutor listed muscles, showed pictures and most of the class yawned, I wanted to find ways to make the subject more interesting and memorable. I incorporated as much practical work into the class and received postive feedback from it.

When I renewed my first aid certificate with ITC, the practical nature of the course and structure of their teaching methods captivated my attention. Like functional anatomy, first aid could be made exciting and more importantly memorable. So I trained up with ITC and has developed a cycling first aid course.


HSE approved first aid trainer

Registered Sports Massage Therapist

Tutor at the London School of Sports Massage