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The Outdoor First Aid course takes into account a remote situation where an ambulance is more than 10 minutes away. The outdoor environment will often involve a remote situation which may require a casualty to be looked after for a longer period of time, this is covered in our outdoor first aid course.

These courses are designed to equip the first aider with the skills to adapt their first aid knowledge to any situation, paying attention to the issues which they will have to face should help be more than a few hours away. Ranging from a one day course covering the essentials through to a 3 day course where you may be days from help.

Most outdoor national governing bodies now demand a minimum up to date first aid qualification as part of their instructor awards.

"Very good. Didn't teach rules only, but also emphasised using common sense and environment around you."
MikeB, outdoor first aid

attended by

outdoor guides and instructors
climbing instructors
expedition leaders and participants
walking guides
adventure travellers
outdoor enthusiasts
activities which are more than 10 minutes from definitive medical care
instructor awards: ML, SPA, BCU, RYA, BOF, MIA, MIC and BELA

course options

unit 1: emergency action (8hrs)

unit 2: incident management (8hrs)

First aid at work (HSE) - outdoor specific

course details

unit 1: emergency action

In addtion to the life-saving first aid requirements which meet an appointed persons certificate, unit 1 looks at monitoring a casualty, providing insulation and shelter and starting to manage incidents.

unit 2: incident management

Injuries, medical emergencies and hot and cold injury are covered in unit 2 with splinting, spinal log rolls and bandaging used to treat the casualty. These treatments are built into managing incidents, progressing to triage. Outdoor scenarios take candidates outside where they can practice their incident management skills in a lifelike situation.

First aid at work (HSE) - outdoor specific

An HSE approved course covering the 4 day at work requirements for the workplace, using outdoor specific content to make this course relevant for the outdoor environment.


The Outdoor First Aid course appears on the National Qualification Framework (NQF). Further details are available on the NQF database:

Outdoor First Aid Emergency Action (8 hours) - J/500/4375
Outdoor First Aid Incident Management (8 hours) - L/500/4376

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