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first aid requirements

British Cycling

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Some of our favourite sites.

Cyclefit : get your bike setup right.

Awareness test : do this awareness test.

La Fuga : great cyclosportive trips in Europe.


first aid requirements

First aid requirements from the different national governing bodies (NGB) are detailed below. Our QCA approved Outdoor First Aid course is assessed meeting the criteria of the NGBs who require an assessed course.

BMG : British Mountain Guide

MIA : Mountain Instructor Award

MIC : Mountain Instructor Certificate

MLd : Mountain Leader Awar

MLTE : Mountain Leader Training England

SPA : Single Pitch Award

WGL : Walking Group Leader

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Can't remember your MLs from your MICs, the BMC have a useful breakdown.


first aid requirements

Unlike the Outdoor national governing bodies who demand a 16 hour, assessed first aid course, many sporting bodies only require an appointed persons course. These courses offer the basic life-saving skills but very seldom do they cover the decisions which need to be make in a sporting scenario. It's one of the reasons we offer a 14 hour sports specific course which covers the decisions you may face should you have to deal with a sports incident.

Sporting links are being researched and will be added once we have a definitive list.

health & safety

Useful resources for first aid.*

ITC (Immediate Temporary Care)

The Health & Safety Executive


The UK Resuscitation Council

N.I.C.E Post Traumatic Stress Disorder information







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