Immediate Temporary Care (ITC)

Trainer network

London First Aid are proud to be incorporated in the ITC trainer network, with approved individual trainers delivering specialist first aid courses throughout the country. Trainers have a broad base of knowledge and experience, trained to deliver environment specific, well resourced, tailored first aid training to all sectors. As a part of this network London First Aid are able to draw upon these skills should your requirements demand.

Who are ITC

ITC is responsible for providing the first aid certificate you receive when you complete your first aid course with us. As an HSE approved awarding body (HSE No. 1670/96) ITC train and mentor first aid trainers through a rigorous training programme before delivering courses. They also provide ongoing assessment and support ensuring trainers are up to date with regulations and the most effective training methods.

Other recognition

ITC have worked hard to gain Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) recognition and has the rigorous quality assurance and robust, transparent governance that is demanded by this organisation.

ITC is recognised by the Sector Skills Council (SSC), appearing on the National Qualifications Framework NQF), the Open Qualifications Network and the Learning Aims Database (LAD) supported by the Learning Skills Council (LSC).


Having both HSE and QCA recognition allow us to deliver courses to the standards demanded by both bodies, even for those courses which do not need to comply with these standards. LSC funding maybe available for the full level 2 qualification to Colleges running sport and outdoor qualifications, and public services courses. For more information about funding, please contact us.