London First Aid course

First Aid Training

A first aid training company where passionate instructors, innovative training methods and a proactive approach make the difference.

"It is rare to find people who have such obvious enthusiasm for the subject they are teaching, it made for a really enjoyable and fulfilling day."
NickF, cycling first aid

Emergency First Aid at work course

We deliver the new 1 day emergency first aid at work course for low hazard workplaces. We have QCA status to teach these HSE required courses.


Sports First Aid courses

If you have a duty of care for the general public, as a sports coach, personal trainer, leisure centre or gym instructor or at a charity event, this course will meet your requirements. Most coaching awards and therapy associations require up to date first aid qualification as part of their validity. These assessed and certified courses are approved for CPD points.



what makes our courses beneficial?

You wouldn't consider learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car by watching a series of PowerPoint slides, we feel the same about first aid. It's the reason our courses are hands-on, we rehearse the first aid skills you'll put into practice, over and again in a controlled training environment.

We relate all our demonstrations to the environment you'll be using your first aid skills in, from sports and outdoor to workplace requirements.

Our straightforward courses are delivered in a systematic way, we won't overwhelm you, leaving you wondering how you'll manage in a real situation.

"I turned up with virtually no medical or incident knowledge at all, and left feeling that I could definitely manage an incident/situation successfully until emergency services arrived."
ClaireM, sports first aid

specialist courses

London First Aid take the time to develop courses in which special considerations need to be made. Our most recently developed course is a cycling first aid course where helmet removal, mechanisms of injury and high and low speed impacts are taken into account.

"Would recommend it to anyone - and for selfish reasons I would like to think that others I am riding with would have similar capabilities... definitely a very worthwhile course."
NickF, cycling first aid

With numerous training companies offering first aid courses, choosing the right one can often be time consuming and confusing. That's why we've taken the steps to simplify your choice and guarantee the quality of our courses. Read more in "our approach".